Giving to make hearts happy.

People with intellectual disability may not be able to fully comprehend complex and abstract concepts. However most can understand what it means to be happy. Smiles, clapping of hands and happy dances are all expressions of a happy heart. In simple terms, this is the work of IDHealth – to bring happiness to people with intellectual disability and their families. Poor health and unaddressed medical conditions cause pain and suffering to people with intellectual disability, made even more challenging for them due to their communication difficulties. Their ageing caregivers struggle not only with their own increasing health issues, but also with the medical conditions of their ageing adult child.


Your donation to IDHealth, therefore helps us to achieve the goal of healthy, happy and enabled families. Our service is highly subsidised. This is important as a significant proportion of the families we serve face financial challenges.  A donation of $300 will support the cost of a doctor’s consult together with investigations and medications, while a $120 donation will cover the cost of a nursing intervention. Patients pay a tiny fraction of these costs. Every small amount contributes to enabling access to healthcare for our patients. Your donation will ensure that we can continue to keep our service affordable to all.


If you would like to give, you may do so here or you may contact us for more information.  As an Institution of Public Character (IPC), all donations to us will be eligible for 250% tax-deduction.

We would like to say a special THANK YOU to the following individuals and organisations.
Your faith and belief in us and our work has strengthened and encouraged us greatly.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but what we give.”

Ben Carson