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IDHealth: A remarkable clinic in the making... Both my wife and son, William, with special needs have been the beneficiaries of Dr. Chen's care, her networks comprising a very good team of doctors, nurses, Social workers, and other professionals including lawyers and therapists. Together they have made our lives easier. No more shuttling of wife and son separately to polyclinics. With IDHealth, all our appointments are in the same location. - James, father of William

IDHealth provides a safe, warm and caring environment with familiar and friendly faces, where persons with intellectual disability can be at ease and feel significant. As for Colin, the benefits have been obvious - he has since shown considerable improvements in his mood, communication, sleep and behaviour. We are thankful for the kind and conscientious efforts that the IDHealth staffs make towards the well-being of both the patients and their caregivers.
- Poh Lin, sister of Colin



IDHealth provides health care needs to adults with intellectual disability... The personal touch, care and concern from Dr. Chen and her team, Soo Wen, Nurse Nadzira, Norman and Rachel (volunteer), just to name a few, meant a lot to my sister, Janet and my siblings. Janet sees Dr Chen and her team, more like a friend, than a doctor-patient relationship... Life is so much better for Janet and the family since IDHealth came into the picture. We thank the team, from the bottom of our hearts.
- Wendy, sister of Janet

"The greatest gift you can give your patients is your time, your empathy, and your care."