Our Team

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Chen Shiling

Dr Chen graduated from medical school in Singapore and obtained post graduate qualifications in Internal Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians (United Kingdom) and also Masters of Medicine from NUS. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (NUS) and a Masters in Ageing Health and Well-being in Intellectual Disability from Trinity College Dublin. She is deeply passionate about improving the lives of persons with intellectual disability and persons with dementia, and also works with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in supporting persons with dementia and their families. Dr Chen sits on a number of non profit boards and subcommittees. These include being a member of the Management Committee of Dementia Singapore (DSG) and chairing their Programmes and Services Sub-Committee. Dr Chen also serves on the AWWA Board and is a member of their Programmes and Services Committee. Concurrently, she is also a member of the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Programmes and Services Committee and serves in the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) Healthcare Working Group. She is also an appointed member of the Adult Protection Team (APT), Ministry of Social and Family Development, and a member of the 4th Enabling Masterplan (EMP2030) Steering Committee.

Senior Family Physician

Dr. Jonathan See

Dr. Jonathan See studied medicine in the University of Auckland, New Zealand, graduating in 2004. He is a registered family physician with the Singapore Medical Council and has practiced in public as well as private settings for more than a decade. Dr. See has a special interest in eldercare. Between 2015 and 2020, he spent half of his time providing care to residents in nursing homes. In 2020, he relocated to New Zealand where he worked as a general practitioner in both semi-rural and urban regions. He returned to Singapore in March 2023 and joined IDHealth shortly after. Dr. See believes in the vision and values of IDHealth and hopes to contribute to improving the health of people with intellectual disability and their families in Singapore.

Family Physician

Dr. Vivien Lee

Dr Vivien Lee studied medicine in National University of Singapore (NUS), completed family medicine residency with the National University Health System and obtained her Master of Medicine (Family Medicine). She is a member of Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) and obtained a post graduate diploma in child health by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK). She is a registered family physician passionate about holistic and patient centered primary care, and care for vulnerable populations. As a lecturer in NUS, she is also dedicated to teaching and research in the field of disability, hoping to build the next generation of compassionate healthcare professionals and an inclusive healthcare ecosystem to care for persons with intellectual disabilities. 

Senior Staff Nurse


After graduating in 2009, Nadzira worked in various disciplines, including cardiology and oncology, where she developed a firm foundation in nursing. Nadzira’s introduction to working among people with intellectual disability widened her perspective of life. She now strives to provide her patients and their caregivers with quality support and care.

Senior Staff Nurse

Grace Lai

After obtaining a Merit award with her Diploma in Nursing, Grace received a scholarship for a Bachelor degree from Singapore Institute of Technology and graduated in 2013. She specializes in geriatric care and was a recipient of the MOH Nurses’ Merit Award in 2020. 


Grace’s passion is nursing. Through her work in both inpatient and community setting under restructured hospital ,she discovered her calling to serve persons with special needs. She seeks to deliver quality care to patients (and their families) and is committed to do what it takes to strengthen the healthcare ecosystem surrounding this population.

Senior Staff Nurse

Ling Pei Ing

Pei Ing graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing and an Advanced Diploma in Geriatric Nursing. She has more than a decade of experience in geriatric nursing with a specialisation in continence. She enjoys working closely with patients and families, supporting them to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In her current position, she hopes to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of patients with intellectual disability and their families.

Staff Nurse

Angie Tan

Angie graduated with a diploma in nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2009Since then, she has worked in both public and private healthcare institutions and accumulated clinical experience in haematology, health screening and assisting with clinic proceduresIn addition, she has experience in quality management.  Angie has a heart for the underserved in our society and has always desired to work in the charity sectorShe now hopes that as part of the IDHealth team, her heart, skills and experience might be used to improve the health and well-being of people with intellectual disability.   

Staff Nurse

Rohaya Selamat

Rohaya began her nursing career in IMH 2008 following a NITEC course in nursing.  In the course of her study, she received the Eagle’s and Merit Award from ITE College East.  Rohaya continued to pursue advancement in her nursing studies and obtained a diploma and advanced diploma (mental health) in nursing studies from Nanyang Polytechnic through scholarship from IMH.  She was on the Director’s list in 2014/15.  To add to her academic achievements, Rohaya obtained an advanced certificate in technical education pedagogy from ITE in 2022. 


Over the years, Rohaya has gained great breath of experience as a psychiatric nurse working with persons with intellectual disability in the wards, outpatient clinics and even in patients’ homes.  Her training and experience have also included handling crisis situations and emergencies.  In addition, Rohaya also spent 1.5 years as a nursing lecturer in ITE College East educating a new generation of nurses. 


Most of all, Rohaya enjoys the process of building rapport with patients and caregivers as she encourages them to sustain care for their health and well-being.  As she often goes the extra mile to help someone in need, she has received many compliments from patients and their families.  She is now a valuable member of the IDHealth team where she works directly with patients and families who live with the impact of intellectual disability.  

Staff Nurse

Ivy Lim

Ivy began her working life as a paramedic with the SCDF.  She then trained as a registered nurse, obtaining her bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney Following graduation, she worked as a surgical nurse and also gained experience as a private nurse.   Following that, she settled into the role of care coordinator in TTSH’s Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP)In this role, she discovered enjoyment in conversing with and building relationships with patients and their families as she worked closely with them to ensure that they obtain the care they need She dedicated 18 years to service with the CRP where she gained invaluable experience in coordinating health and disability services to meet the needs of people with disability Returning now to a nursing role, Ivy acknowledges the challenges of caring for the often complex needs of people with intellectual disabilityAs part of the IDHealth team, she hopes to build on her experience and grow in learning to care for these individuals and their families

Senior Medical Social Worker

Low Soo Wen

Soo Wen graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Palliative Nursing but found her calling through social work. Riding on the values formed by her passion for palliative care, she believes that everyone has the right to live fully till the end of life. She hopes to help persons with intellectual disability to live meaningful and dignified lives.

Senior Medical Social Worker

Anne Chew

Anne graduated from SUSS with a Masters in Social Work in 2011. She has 19 years of social work experience, with over 15 years in leadership rolesMost of this time was spent in the disability sector, and has included work in early intervention, special education, and inclusive education settings, as well as adult services Through journeying with patients and their caregivers, she discovered a passion to support and empower vulnerable populations who face challenges accessing services.  Thus, through her work in IDHealth, she hopes to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disability and their families through empowering caregivers to better manage the stressors in their lives as well as facilitating access to the services that they need.

Medical Social Worker

Ilham Firdaus

Ilham graduated from NUS with an Honours in Social Work and embarked on a varied journey including community mental health and medical social work in the hospitals. Through journeying with patients and their caregivers, he discovered a budding passion to support and advocate for persons with intellectual disability.

He strongly believes that every individual, and especially PWIDs, has the potential to thrive and live a dignified life with the proper environment, support and opportunity. Through his work in IDHealth, he hopes to shift societal perceptions to be more accepting and compassionate towards PWIDs, and shine light on their capabilities.<br>

Speech Therapist

Deborah Quek

Deborah received her undergraduate training in Perth, Western Australia and further grew her experience working in both paediatric and adult care settings since moving back to Singapore. She hopes to play a part in helping her clients regain autonomy and quality of life through their communication skills. She believes no man is an island, and the power of collaboration through peer learning and support.

Associate Psychologist

Yvonne Lee

Yvonne started work in MINDS after graduating with a bachelor’s degree with honours in psychology in 2013.  She spent 9 years working with a team to enable adults with intellectual disability to participate in vocational activities. In her next role, she worked on developing curriculum for adults with special needs. Yvonne has learnt much from her interactions with people with intellectual disability and genuinely enjoys spending time with them.  Her belief that all people matter to God strongly motivates her work. Yvonne is eager to play her part in advocating for and supporting the well-being of this community in Singapore. 

Clinical Psychologist

Christopher Wong

Chris started working with persons with disabilities at the start of his career and has not looked back since. As a clinical psychologist, he uses his mental health knowledge and clinical skills to help clients who present with emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. He continues to be driven by his passion and the hope of helping this group of individuals and their caregivers achieve a better well-being and quality of life.

Admin Executive

Monica Heng

Monica began work in Human Resource and Administration in 1989.  She has 10 years of valuable experience in administrative roles in retail and e-commerce.  She has also worked 5 years in the non-profit sector.  Monica is passionate about delivering high quality service to all she serves, whether customers, colleagues or beneficiaries.

Operations Manager

Euan Lim

Trained as a Registered Nurse, Euan graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in clinical leadership. She has held the position of nurse manager in a polyclinic and hospitals. In addition, Euan has also worked in the areas of clinical operations and hospital planning. With her rich work experience, she now ensures the smooth running of IDHealth services for the benefit of our patients and their families.

Assistant Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Partnerships

Norman Koh

Since 2013, Norman has been serving people with intellectual disability through volunteering with Special Olympics Singapore. He is a passionate advocate for inclusivity in all aspects of society. Through his work at IDHealth, he hopes to continue to be a voice for this population.

Head, Community Building and Enablement

Joy Teo

Since graduating from physiotherapy school in 2003 and obtaining a research-based Masters degree in Rehabilitation Science, Joy has gained experience in caring for people with disabilities along the entire rehabilitation continuum of care. She also has a keen interest in developing capability in others and creating knowledge that will transform care.